NABSCI Nationally Accredited Business School Certification Institute

US EU and Global Recognition –

The NABSCI’s Board of Standards is over 20 years old, and accredited and certified in various areas.  The NABSCI program is the 1st mover with accreditation agreements and alliances between the “Board of Standards” and major accreditation bodies.

  1. TUV EU Accreditation
  2. ISO 9001 Certification
  3. ISO 29990 Training Certification (Accreditation)
  4. ACBSP Business School Mutual Legal Agreement on Certifications.
  5. CHEA Charter Signatory on Standards
  6. Arab Academy legal agreement on mutual recognition.
  7. AACSB 2003 public recognition

The USA government through the US Department of Education and CHEA recognizes the national business accreditation standards of the: ACBSP, AACSB, and IACBE. The EU recognizes the super national business accreditation standards of the ISO 29990,  EFMD and EQUIS


With this global recognition of the polices, standards and ethics of the business accreditation agencies, the NABSCI is the global leader in Business School accreditation. Since the business accreditation agencies do not accredit certification programs directly, the NABSCI has met the global need by offering accreditation to top Training, Business Schools, Law Schools, MOOC and e-Learning programs worldwide.