About the NABSCI

The NABSCI National Accredited Business School Certification Institute  has its beginnings in the Board of Standards of 1996 which focused on certification standards and business principles. The focus of the NABSCI is as an accreditation body which offers “board certifications” by recognizing accredited courses, accredited program exams and accredited business schools as a legal path to earn certification and professional designations.

Since there are no higher standards than those of government recognized education and exams, our quality management board evaluates credentials for accreditation based on the criteria for certification.

The NABSCI uses ISO 29990 and 9001 Standards globally for Learning Service Providers offering Qualifications and Charter Designations. NABSCI Board of Standards is a certification body that has been approved for ISO 29990 non formal training certification and conveys this accreditation over to partners who offer germane and relevant courses with topic coverage to satisfy the certification requirements.

The NABSCI Accredits programs worldwide to use it’s proprietary certification curriculums so that learners may specialize in a subject using the most relevant TCO Terminal Course Objectives.

When we approve a course, that course becomes a joint education and certification program.