NABSCI National Accredited Business School Certification Institute

The National Accredited Business School Certification Institute 

The National Accredited Business School Certification Institute  has its beginnings in the leadership institute of 1996 which focused on business qualifications as a path to certification. The focus of the NABSCI is as an accreditation body which recognizes Nationally Accredited Bvusiness Schools, education &  skills obtained from nationally accredited business courses, nationally accredited business program exams, and accredited business school programs.

The NABSCI is EU and USA based, Accredited in Europe, and owns over 50 curriculums and certification programs in banking, accounting, finance, risk, project management, human resources and more.  The IP, Certifications and Accreditations are licensed out to top educational bodies, MOOC Massive Open Online Course Providers, and top e-Learning companies.

There are no higher standards than our existing policies and alliances with the: CHEA, ACBSP, TUV, ISO Standards.  We accept existing courses toward certification which include government recognized education and exams and our quality management board evaluates educational programs for accreditation based on these standards and criteria for certification.

We select the best of breed courses as a pathway for relevant certifications. In this way, graduates of tope courses and programs may be immediately eligible for professional recognition and certification through joint certification programs.